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A lot of people who are new to kpop don't get to know about g.o.d because they are an older group so if u haven't heard of g.o.d give them a chance here's a list of my fav songs: Place where you need to be Sorrow Gil/Road To Mother Lies
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candle is a sentimental song. im pretty sure I know God's lies better than I know bigbang ' lies hahahaha.. says a VIP
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@shjej5835 I love Candle as well! and now that I think about it I agree with u I'm also a VIP but I know g.o.ds lies better then bigbang
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@Slatki0trov haha I guess its because the lyrics are simpler? than bigbangs. and the way lyrics "interact" with each other is memorable too.
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@shjej5735 u have a point there
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