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The way I got into K-pop was by Mun2, where they showed Latino music. I would always watch it before going to school. One day on my Freshman year, they showed Super Junior, SNSD, Wonder Girls and Big Bang. I became so obsessed with Super Junior that the other groups didn't affect me much.
Fantastic Baby was the first song I listened to from them. I liked this song that I decided to listen to a couple more when "Bad Boy" and "Blue" became one of my favorite songs but I was stubborn enough to get into the fandom. Super Junior was my one and only true loves.
I'll recommend you to grab a bag for what I'm going to say. (Don't kill me please)
I'm sorry but I thought they were unattractive... I'm the picky type and they didn't seem like they would sweep me off my feet. And also, I didn't think their songs were THAT good. Let me put it this way... Big Bang wasn't my style AT ALL.
( Sowwy @poojas )
It stayed that way for 3 years, NOW I REGRET AVOIDING THEM AND THINKING THEY WERE UNATTRACTIVE!!! (Didn't think it was a big deal but it finally hit me) THEY ARE SLOWLY GETTING TO ME AND I'M NOT LIKING IT AT ALL!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOO FREAKING ADORES AND I JUST CANNOT ANYMORE!!!!! *kneels down in apology*
AND I BLAME YOU ALL AS WELL FOR BLOWING MY ACCOUNT WITH BIG BANG!!! IT'S TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART ALREADY!!! (no hard feelings though, I appreciate it really ^_^)
I should shut up since you probably don't care or is secretly choking me. But heeeey~ I'm joining the crew, no? No? Um...okay... *cries*
At first I thought you were saying you thought the BIGBANG songs were Super Junior songs hahahahaha! I have a problem where with my favorite songs, the first time I hear it I'm like... dafuq is this... I was that way with Overdose by Exo (my favorite Exo song) and Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG (My favorite BIGBANG song hahahaha).
@ErinGregory Our minds are bipolar. It's like "You hate the song. You hate them *days, weeks, months, years later* JUST KIDDING! You love them!"
@ErinGregory I'm exactly the same. I was like that with Infinite also. the first song I listened from them was Man In love and I was like "Nope. Hate the song. Not liking this group." Now I cannot with them. I have their songs on repeat everyday!
@ErinGregory Hahaha!!! Omg lol I've never had that moment until I watch girl groups nowadays. It was first EXID's Up and Down now with Stellar's Vibrato lol
@krazylilmeow totes agree with you. They are cute little odd balls ^_^
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