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The way I got into K-pop was by Mun2, where they showed Latino music. I would always watch it before going to school. One day on my Freshman year, they showed Super Junior, SNSD, Wonder Girls and Big Bang. I became so obsessed with Super Junior that the other groups didn't affect me much.
Fantastic Baby was the first song I listened to from them. I liked this song that I decided to listen to a couple more when "Bad Boy" and "Blue" became one of my favorite songs but I was stubborn enough to get into the fandom. Super Junior was my one and only true loves.
I'll recommend you to grab a bag for what I'm going to say. (Don't kill me please)
I'm sorry but I thought they were unattractive... I'm the picky type and they didn't seem like they would sweep me off my feet. And also, I didn't think their songs were THAT good. Let me put it this way... Big Bang wasn't my style AT ALL.
( Sowwy @poojas )
It stayed that way for 3 years, NOW I REGRET AVOIDING THEM AND THINKING THEY WERE UNATTRACTIVE!!! (Didn't think it was a big deal but it finally hit me) THEY ARE SLOWLY GETTING TO ME AND I'M NOT LIKING IT AT ALL!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOO FREAKING ADORES AND I JUST CANNOT ANYMORE!!!!! *kneels down in apology*
AND I BLAME YOU ALL AS WELL FOR BLOWING MY ACCOUNT WITH BIG BANG!!! IT'S TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART ALREADY!!! (no hard feelings though, I appreciate it really ^_^)
I should shut up since you probably don't care or is secretly choking me. But heeeey~ I'm joining the crew, no? No? Um...okay... *cries*
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I found them through kay park oddly enough lol I was on tumblr and they had a picture of him an taeyang shirtless so I was like ooo hes cute so I found his music then big bang and I was like that too trying not to get too involved but by the second song I was hooked and I love there personalities soo much and they are all soo cute
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as soon as I saw "seaweed" hair gdragon, I loved him. but you know what I love most about big bang? the diversity in their looks. I'm not super involved in most boy bands but many the guys are all attractive... but very similar looking and hard to discern. big bang broke the mold ^^
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@krazylilmeow totes agree with you. They are cute little odd balls ^_^
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