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Its not for me. My best friend is Korean and currently in CA going to school...she's been feeling homesick lately... I'm hoping to win to give them to her so she and another one of her exchange student friends can get a taste of home... 보고싶어요 친구!
shes pretty! lucky you guys have each other
@lamrotamrot, Thank you... I have a long way to go still... I'm only number 70 in the group... there are still 50 people ahead of me who are just as (maybe more) deserving as me
that's so sweet
That's really sweet of you ^_^
@shjej5835, yes she is... I'm very lucky to have her as a friend... I think I would have lost my mind without such an awesome friend during the first half of my time here in Korea. I can't wait for her to meet my wife and kids after I get home... they're going to love her