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Errrr...that was...unexpected. Lol Very different from the mvs that are out nowadays. I still don't know what was going on but I liked the beat. The song has a nice vibe so I'm just going to ignore the mv for now XD
@PassTheSuga Have you seen this already? What is going on? ._.
@aabxo it had such a creepy feel to it huh? But from what I've gathered taking into consideration the lyrics...is that she's wanting to take things to the next level with her boo thang..... the symbolism is strong in this video. Playing Pokémon cards on the Ouija board.... pulling apart the dolls and having the séance to make them float....burning the stuffed animals at the end and just overall creepy aesthetic of the whole MV is basically her feelings of wanting to stop the childish games and move onto more "dark dangerous games" if you know what I mean ȏ.̮ȏ lose her innocence kind of thing....
@PassTheSuga Forreal. I felt uneasy watching it. Lol Sticking to audio or lyric mvs for that one XD
@aabxo I couldn't either....it took me a bit...I had help too. I don't mess with Ouija boards....that's no no -_- and those creepy twins....
@PassTheSuga Ohhhhhhhh. That totally fits. I guess I just couldnt get passed the visuals lol
@aabxo I agree because the song is good....just that MV is nightmare juice