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Okay so I'm not an Exo-L or anything and I kinda sorta know who Tao is but I honestly dislike how "fans" are hating on Tao and calling him a traitor because he's following his dreams. He's also getting a lot of hate because the lyrics of this song were thought to be towards Exo. THE SONG IS NOT ABOUT EXO, THE SONG IS ABOUT SM ENTERTAINMENT. Tao was mistreated and clearly didn't like that so he left SM to do his solo career, which is going very well. I absolutely love this song because the music is similar to Purity Ring and Odesza who are both electronica groups and I really really like ambient, techno, and electronica so it made me love the song a lot more. The lyrics are wonderful and of course Tao's voice is amazing. Tao fighting! โค
I've been saying the same thing, how can someone be his fan one minute and his hater the next?? Yea I would be a little upset if a member left one of my favorite groups but I wouldn't hate him for it! Being a fan means being supportive no matter what.
oooo that beat somthing new!!! la la la la love it!!! Tao wat to go!!!!
Z.Tao hwaiting!!!!!!
the mv is sooo awesome and the song is sooo goooddd