2 years ago
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he is only 7 years older then me. but everytime i see him taeyang zico ukown kia zelo and gukky i just wanna kidnap them and put them on an island and feed them kimchi and pancakes and cuddle their faces
2 years ago·Reply
Why is he so sexy and hot!!! Ughhhhh >_<@amandamuska @edwey66
2 years ago·Reply
@LornaLu Idk but I want to meet him and take a lot of pics
2 years ago·Reply
True and the only opportunity to do that is to win the concert tickets. I wanna meet him so badly. Hope we see him someday@amandamuska
2 years ago·Reply
@lornaLu ikr I'm trying no what how about one of us wins it we go to the concert and kidnap him
2 years ago·Reply