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Doctor Stranger
Doctor Stranger is one of the best dramas out there! Well, to me anyway. I mean, come on, LEE JONG SUK IS IN IT!!! 馃槏 If you're looking for your next favorite drama, I recommend this one if you haven't already seen it! And even if you have seen it, watch it again! I do! Haha
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Oh my gosh his kisses!!! 馃槏馃槝鈽猴笍馃槒馃拸馃檰馃憤馃檶
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@Miranda96 He deserves an Oscar for that alone. 馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専
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@CandaceJordan He really does!
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I really liked this one, but tbh I dont think any drama could take Queen of Ambition's #1 spot lol
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@EdwinBermudez I haven't watched that yet. I'll add it to my queue.
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