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Ummm... Okay Then.
So I have NEVER looked at Jiyong like that in all of my days of being a Big Bang fan (and trust me, it's been years), but LAAAAAAAAAWD he could get rubbed down for real. I'm sorry, Seung Hyun. I love you, but damn Jiyong! Come get these milk and cookies!
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I think my arms would break even if I did keep at it for a long time. @stevieq
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he cant do a proper push up 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I love him so much!!!
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as a fello v.ip i feel like i must make a card for you with bb shirtless glory
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he is sooo sexxy
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How to be effortlessly flawless: Just be GD. X3
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