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As K-Pop fans, we all have those friends who wonder why we love K-Pop so much. Its just music in the Korean language right? Why is it so different from other types of music?
Its soooooo much more than that! Sure a lot of us get into K-Pop through the music, but we soon realize everything that is K-pop!
Fandoms, idols, dramas, concerts, music videos, music shows, variety shows, albums, aegyo, photo cards, dance covers, fan projects, abs, dance practice videos, entertainment, ultimate feelz, and the love between idol and fans plus sooo much more!!
My favorite is the fans! Fans are what make our idols beable to live their dreams as idols in the entertainment world. They make us happ by existing and because we fans exist they can be idols. Fans are so passionate and caring most of the time and I am always amazed at all the things fans, fansites, and fandom do for their idols no matter where they live in this world! Its truly beautiful! Being a K-Pop fan sure as hell isnt easy though! most of the time were poor spensing money for our idols & things we love, international fans have the time differences and have some sleepless nights, fan wars, drama, and all that plus more! SO FELLOW KPOP FANS ALWAYS REMEMBER TO GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO FOR YOUR IDOLS! The Hallyu wave will only spread more & more and even if all our friends dont understand our love for Kpop, that wont stop us from loving being part if the kpop fandom! ^^