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I know there's wayyy more than two but.... which one would you rather choose. 1) the "I'm your oppa, now get in my car cause I have candy" or 2) the "Oh my gosh! I'm gonna get killed by these fans! Better run first!"
Who doesn't want #1? LOL I mean a good run is nice but candy and oppa is way better >.<
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Shoot I probably wouldn't be able to run far in case of a zombie apocalypse. There's no way I'ma chase after a guy who doesn't wanna get caught lol
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@sherrysahar really!? I thought he looked hot in that video and I usually don't think he's hot. lol
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omgg #1 is creepy to me I d k y Lol
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Lolz both? one who acts cool but is actually shy??
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