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I remember when i first started listening to kpop,i was scared of what my other friends would think and i would just say other groups,but i've gotten past that and all i have to say is that so what if its not English ,people who expect me and i guess if you guys can relate to stick to our own music are wrong. Kpop is a great part of my life now and its given me so much strength not just the idols but the fandoms too. Which i guess its also the reason i started self teaching myself korean XD ,but even now that i don't understand them i'm grateful for kpop and its fandoms.
lol i guess i wrote to much /_\ .... (credits of the pics to their owners )
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true that
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totally by your side!!! i want to also learn korean, so that when i visit there i wont feel so
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Yasss same!!! Lol I've been using this website called talk to me in Korean XD it's a struggle but it's worth it @SHINee808
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