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This video should be the official tourism video of Seoul
[M/V] Sugardonut (슈가도넛) - Magical Moments (마법의 순간): https://youtu.be/kzrmwa0LjLA This video was so fun to watch...its a glimps into the Real Seoul...things to do, places to go and the real people of Seoul...not actors in makeup.. old, young and even children in their daily lives... I realy hope you enjoy it as much as I did...this is the Korea I know and love...raw and full of Magical Moments
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This really is beautiful. I've been planning a trip for a few months, and this made it seem even more real.
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@TMinusEleven, that's great... I want people to experience the real Korea as well as the tourist kind of stuff but I highly recommend that you make some local friends before you get here and give them the challenge of "show me your Korea" try any and all the food you can... go see a movie, go shopping... rent bikes and go for a ride along the Han River... come play with friends and even make new ones... the people here are so warm and welcoming
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