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I'm here to ask you guys a quick questionnaire!!
1.) Who is your all-time favorite group member? You have to choose one!! It's so hard I know, but you can do it!! (Okay two at the max, I know how hard that is to choose) πŸ˜‚ I chose Seungri. As you can tell from my profile picture, he is my favorite in everything. I've seen everything (I'm pretty sure) that has im in it, and I love every second of it.
2.) what Kpop member can you relate to the most/is the most similar to you? Not necessarily your favorite, I want to know which one is the most similar to you. I chose Namjoon and Seungri. The first because of his intelligence and logic/reasoning skills. The second because like Seungri, I'm always the youngest in everything I do, and we both have a similar mindset to how we tackle life. It just so happens my favorite is similar to me (but that's beside the point hahaha!)
3.) Ultimate favorite group? Male or female, but choose one this time! Not budging like I did with individual members! Mine is Big Bang. Always has been and always will be. Even though the first song that played on my pandora was Shinee, Big Bang played immediately after, and caught my attention more.
4.) Which group (as a whole) would you want to spend a day with? Again, not necessarily your favorite, but who knows, possibly. I would choose BTS. Even though Big Bang is definitely my favorite, BTS is closer in age to me, and they seem like they have a lot of fun no matter what is happening. Not saying Big Bang doesn't, but ya know what I mean. 😯
5.) Is there any member of any group that you dislike? I know it's a weird question to ask, but even though I'm sure most of us like everyone, there has to be an exception somewhere. For me, I would have to say JHope from BTS. He and I are just so different that I don't enjoy watching him as much as other people. He's very loud and outgoing while I'm quiet and thoughtful, and I just couldn't see him and me being friends if we were to meet.
6.) what would you be willing to do to go to a concert of your favorite group? For me, I'd like to say I'd go to the ends of the Earth, and do absolutely anything to go to a Big Bang concert, but I know that wouldn't really happen. If distance wasn't an issue, I'd be willing to pay a few hundred dollars for nice tickets (but I don't have money, so THAT'S another issue). If money wasn't an issue, I would totally get on a plane and fly to Korea.
7.) Since language barriers are issues for most of us, has anyone started learning Korean? I've started on my own, just using the Internet (the two sources listed in the picture) but next year, my university is starting a Korean Class, which I am DEFINITELY going to be taking.
This post is getting long, and I'm tired, so I'll end it here. Seven is enough to start with. I'll probably come up with more questions later! Night everyone!
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1.) Heo Youngsaeng 2.) Heechul 3.) SS501 4.) SS501 5.) can't think of any 6.) At this point, I just need a car and money... Lots of money. 7.) I started about 3 years ago