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I've posted about Winner and how they can possibly be the best combination of voices in K-pop history, like, ever, before. I absolutely LOVE them, and there's just no other way for me to say it.
And as many K-pop groups do, Winner also did a MR performance on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (a while back actually), a show where bands perform, basically. And because their music had little to no sound effects added to their voices (due to the ballad-y nature of their work), their performance ended up being absolutely spectacular (and comprehensible).
Most K-pop MR performances sound kinda weird because they take away the music (at least some of it... sometimes), but they don't take away the sound effects on the voice that matches the music. So, when they actually start singing, their voices often sound a bit wanky.
Not Winner, though, and that's part of what I love about them. Here's their performance, and they toned down on everything else so they can focus on the music, (how admirable is that?) so here- enjoy the way their voices make you tingle.