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Stellar Explain Why They Went Sexy

The girl group always in the media for being risky and controversial talks about why they gone sexy! They explained how hard it was for them to SURVIVE! They had to share a single meal, due to no money. They didn't have cars or vans for transportation. When their dance studio was 5 minutes away they would play a game just for it to take an hour to arrive so the people using is would not be upset they arrived early due to not having any place to kill time. They would hid when ever they saw their sunbae's vans in order to avoid the shame of not having ANYTHING! When they came back with their first sexy song 'Marionette' the girls though of that album as their make or break album. Some even thought of it as their disbandment album! Luckily it broke threw due to it being overly sexy and controversial. The surprise is they were naive to the hidden messages! It gave them publicly! However when the girls made TWO comebacks after Marionette that did not show skin and show cased their emotions no seemed to care for them. They were even asked why they did not come back after Marionette when in fact they had TWO! Now they are promoting with the sexy concept and it seems to be working. With their new song Vibrato their risky teaser photos shocked everyone. They received so much hate almost to the extent of their Marionette promotions! All the girls want is to survive in the industry! They wish that if promotions go well they should/want to turn down the sexy to a level dreamed Cute. I hope all go well for Stellar.
I really hope people can see past the sexualization and see their musical talent tho ;; I don't see how selling your sex cam get you more money than selling your music
although the concept is very sexual, I love the members and their catchy songs. They have the concept due to the fact that they want to survive in the music industry
I love Stellar for their music, not because of their concepts, if you look past the vibrato music video, it's actually an incredible song!!! I wish them the absolute best in the future and I hope they don't have to continue to over-sexualise themselves just to be noticed... I noticed and loved them before all of that XD
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