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In the recent card I posted about Stellar got me thinking. How is it that for a group to become successful/acknowledged in K-Pop they HAVE to be sexy? Women in K-Pop usually don't make it in the industry unless they are willing to show a little skin. Now I'm not saying that all group make it because of the sexy concept there are groups like APink and B1A4 that make it being cutesy. HOWEVER most group in today's industry don't make it!
Theres this quote that struck me in the article explaining why Stellar went sexy. It quotes,
"Junyool: We wanted to get Stellar's music out there. When we didn't have skin exposure, nobody even knew we released a new song. If it's not provocative, there is no response."
This irks me because it's true! I'm not going to lie and say I knew about Stellar before the scandalous Marionette MV! I'm not going to lie and say I knew they had TWO comebacks after Marionette! It lets me know that I am apart of the problem!
For a girl group to get exposure they NEED to be exposed! It is insane how it works and how degrading it is. This is not just for girl!!! For a boy group to be sexy they must CONSTANTLY have abs ready for display. They must be able to strip their shirts and WOW is with their sexy pelvic thrust. We sexualized both genders and if a group does not meet the "quality" we over look them.
YES I know some artists love being sexy and to that I say MORE POWER TO THEM! However, the fact that we over look new groups for doing other concepts other than sexy just. URGS!
Maybe it's just the fact that it's 6am and I haven't gotten sleep but this issue really popped out to me from that article and irritates me. What are your thoughts on Sexy K-Pop?
@AsianInvasion97 I put the card up
@mehzhucarez You should I love reading people's opinions! :) and I'm the same. Sexy is just a side dish compared to talent.
personally I kinda like it but I don't make it my MUST HAVE to be seen for your musical talent. I guess I should make a card about this
I agree with @mehzhucarez ...its not the deciding factor before I like a group but I do enjoy the show... I loved groups like MissA, 4Minute, and Delshabat before I saw them but I do love their videos ㅋㅋㅋ