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Okay I am just gonna say this opinion of mine that will most likely catch A LOT of hate. I dont like it when kpop bands get overly sexualized like the way Stellar got. Like yes I dont like sexy but not the way Stellar got. Thats why I dont really get into the girl groups much. I mean yes I LOVE the music but the MVS scare me away. This also goes for male groups as well. Yes the dace to SuJu's Devil got me dead I LOVED it but I loved the song more than the dance and visuals. And thier live performances for Shirt also got me as well. But also why do the boys HAVE TO HAVE abs? If they dont have abs they dont have a voice? Is that it? HELLA NO! They can still make music with out abs! They still have a voice! I really hope, for the sake of music and art people can see past ones visuals and notice ones talent. I will have to say I can easily respect any idol who doesn't show skin, like T.O.P. Dont get me wrong I respect ALL artist because I know they go through hell just to survive in the music industry. But I guess sex really does sell, and that makes me lose hope in humanity. But I really hope these girl bands will be able to get more freedom and not have to over sexualize themselves just to make money to live off of.
I guess I need a clear explanation on why people make more money off of their sex than their talents.
This issue really is one that sticks out like a sore thumb. Thank goodness there are IU constantly fighting against the sex sells bandwagon like T.O.P and IU who showcase talent over body. Hopefully this will be the norm soon.
its the unfortunate nature of the beast... however people like CL, Gott7 and JYP himself are pushing to change the image of what sexy is and that image is be healthy, physically fit (and that looks different on everyone) happy... but over you.... it is the first 2 syllables of beautiful... be-you-tiful
@RobertMarsh Yeah and I sure hope the number of "sexy" bands goes down and soon do what CL, Got7, and JYP are doing