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Ojala q no lo bajen este video jeje Solo encontre el recap en ingles, asi que me perdonan si no entienden pero yo se que muchas de nosotras estabamos esperando asi que... Bookmark the permalink. Flower Boy Next Door E1 Jan7 by Softy mainfb I can’t decide what I like more – surprisingly all the eye candy is the least of it. I love how sincere this drama is – it doesnt pretend to be something more than it is. The simplicity of the dialogue adds to its appeal. I’m so curious as to what drove her to live this kind of life. What exactly sustains her? It can’t be just watching her cute neighbor all the time. Yes he is good looking as flower boys go, but how does living vicariously through him console the side of her that seems so lonely at times. It’s sort of like when she watches him, she gets to forget about her own solitude. At least he has his dog for company, but she has no one to talk to which just seems to pile on my empathy for her isolated existence. How great is it that she is going to meet someone like Enrique. He is like the exact opposite of her- everywhere he goes there are rainbows, sunshine, and flocks of admirers. Picture Cinderella with all her talking animals following her around, but put his face there instead. He just exudes happiness and vitality. Now I get why that kind of personality can lure her to the other side of her door and help her really live this time. Jin seems to have the wisdom to pick up on things quickly and automatically goes into protective mode for her. He seems to just get her – as if the fictional character he created just happened to manifest itself in her form. Sort of makes it hard to decide which guy is better for her already. If this drama can keep up this light hearted tone dipped in all this sweetness, I think I might have found by second favorite flower boy series after SUFBB. That was a tough act to follow, but this one is already giving it a run for its money. Judging from the preview, E2 is going to be DAEBAK Does anyone know where I can get torrents for this right after it airs cuz translating from a youtube video takes 3 times longer. I am grateful for the video link of course, but having torrents would allow me to get to sleep sooner. also no screencaps till I can find some torrents. Written before it aired: I’m missing the last 5 minutes of School to recap this so it better be worth it. Thank goodness cable dramas begin around 11pm after the main broadcasters. I’ve been looking forward to this drama for a long time cuz I love the original plot and I predict this isn’t one of those dramas that put us through the ringer. Bet the recipe is low on the maknae and melo and pretty high on the cute and adorable -just what I need to kick start the new year. I finally broke down and saw the 7 min trailer and had a huge question mark over my head by the end. Never had to do this before a drama starts, but now I find myself chanting “please be good please be good.” * my prayers have been answered – this drama is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E fbposter Here is the list of characters: D – Go Dok Mi – Park shin hye E – Enrique Geum – Yoon Shi Yoon Jin – Oh Jin Rak – Kim Ji Hoon S -Yoon Seo Young –Kim Yoon Hye/Woori (Enrique’s best friend and first love) TJ- Han Tae Joon – Kim Jung San (the object of D’s spying affection) W- Watanabe – Mizuta Kouki DH- Cha Do Hui Park Soo Jin (D’s former classmate) Dong – Yoo Dong Hoon – Go Kyung Pyo (Jin’s assistant) fbmt E1 The camera pans over the room. there are post-its all over. (her job is to edit and proofread manuscripts). even though she has a bed, D sleeps in her sleeping bag on the floor. she slept with large bottles of water and takes it over to the sink to brush her teeth with that water. D sticks her hand out her door to get her milk. She opens her curtains and looks across to the next building. the guy just woke up too cuz he is stretching. she asks him – did you sleep well. She copies everything he does - turns on the tv, exercises, eats the same breakfast, cleans, and does the laundry. When he leaves she says have a good day and waves at him. E is on a flight listening to music and making a paper robot. The flight attendant frowns at the mess she will have to clean up later but then she sees his face and smiles at him cuz he is so cute. He takes off his headphones and hears a boy crying in economy and goes back there. he shows the kid a robot made of paper and does a cute animated voice and entertains the boy to make him stop crying. E said – Hi I am a paper robocup – isnt flying through the sky so hard -your ears and head hurts so much. wanna be my friend? the kid nods yes. E: good let’s go fly. (E seems to have that personality that everyone just likes cuz he is so loveable to everyone). At customs the girl who is a trainee is bored out of her mind but when she sees E she perks up. E was videotaping the people and waving at them. The man tells him he cant take pics here. the man looks at his passport and mutters in banmal about how E didnt want to go to the army so he became a citizen from another country – Spain. the man asks: do you know how to speak Korean. E says so everyone just speaks Korean right off -cuz you spoke banmal it’s like we became friends. I speak Korean really well don’t i? i immigrated when I was 9 and heard how skilled I was in middle school -most cant speak Korean but my dad wouldn’t let me speak Spanish at home. If I even said “uh-um” he would slap me on the back of my head. That’s when I sensed the fist has more power when disciplining kids. the man asks why he came to korea and E says to shoot cupid’s arrow.he zooms in on the girl’s name tag and says you have an unusual name – keep up the good work noona. she beams back at him. (he talks so fast and he might have a touch of ADD cuz he changes subjects suddenly) At the airport people take pics of E and girls scream. The gaming company came to pick him up and reporters ask about his animation. they ask if he has been scouted for a lot of money so if he leaving P studio (the current company he is working with). S waits on the sidelines and E smiles at her Jin is walking – more like slow motion music video model strutting down the street with Dong his assistant and women eye them cuz the two guys look good. When they get to an office the woman in charge yells I told you not to drop by suddenly. Jin says it’s cuz his webtoon is being decided today. She says to Jin – this is the first time I saw someone wear a suit here. why wear this. that is better. (meaning it would have been better if Jin dressed like Dong so Dong feels insulted). Jin starts to lecture her about her manners but Dong stops him. Dong points out that they are making a protest later like she is doing at her work so she suddenly gets a lot nicer. She says she cant let them do their webtoon “Zombie soccer” so Jin asks why. she says Enrique is already doing it. Dong says that’s an online game and we are a webtoon so what difference does it make. she says people like games more and you can mess with E. Dong argues they cant even confront E cuz he is in Spain but she points out E came to Korea and it’s all over the news now and shows them the video of E at the airport. reporters say how much charisma E has -even from a guy’s perspective he is cool. she tells them to come up with a new idea and contact her. Dong complains about E and asks are we going to end zombie soccer like this. let’s show her the drawings at least. he flips through them and stops on one and asks what is this. did you draw this? you know how to draw something like this? Jin shows her the drawing of a woman and says the lead character is a girl who lives in hiding in an officetel and spies on a guy. The woman guesses the woman is a zombie and the guy is a vampire and says the story is obvious. But Jin argues it’s not - the girl is spying on a flower b0y- it’s a new melo cuz it’s alive. she repeats a woman trapped in an officetel and likes the idea cuz its something she hasnt heard in a long time E and S stand outside the airport to talk. S says it’s cold. he asks we havent met in a year so dont you feel any emotion? she takes away his lollipop and sucks on it muttering about what emotion – i thought i would freeze to death while waiting for you to do the interview. he looks at her outfit and says since you are meeting me you dressed nicely. she says she suddenly felt like wearing a one piece dress. E: if you wanted to wear it twice you will freeze to death. He makes her wear a coat so she asks where did you buy it? he says since he told his fans he is going to korea they threw a fit cuz it’s cold so they got this for him. she says he is bragging as usual and to go back then. He zips up her jacket and leans in close …. and pops the lollipop into his mouth that she was holding in her hand. S shoves him saying: what is that? Dong asks how could you give her a new item as soon as you got turned down? wasnt your pride hurt? Jin says is pride food trash to do that. what is protecting my pride there – to come out saying i am really peeved you turned me down. is that pride? dong: ok you did well but do you have a story? Jin says I can start thinking about it starting now. Dong says look at me – you will get ideas then – why? cuz I am a flower boy. cuz from head to toe I am a perfect flower boy -you feel something huh? if you are going to write about them you have to study flower boys Inside her home D is editing and gets a call. She says I will send it after lunchtime. You can send the next item to be edited via post office. (the person must have offered to drop it off cuz she says) no the post office is close to my home so I can go get it. She hears the news about a guy who was suspicious about the girl he was dating so he secretly put in a CCTV in her home and they were able to confirm the video he took of her home on his computer so D says do they really have nothing to do like that. she wonders if “our blackie” is playing ok alone and looks across to that cute guy’s home and tries to get his dog’s attention. An announcement comes out about the neighborhood protest at 5 and wants everyone to participate. today’s leader is #401. the guard comes out and sees Jin and says it’s #401. he asks who Dong is so Dong says I have been living off this hyung (#401) for quite some time. how can you not remember this good looking face. Dong complains there is too much of a difference in our utility bills from #402 so what’s going on. (jin and dong live next door to D) The guard says maybe cuz the young lady lives alone so dong says a young miss lives next door to us? Jin says to cut it out. why complain over the difference but Dong says you have to. dong gets sarcastic and asks the guard so if the miss next door lives alone does her boiler/heater say “oh since miss lives alone i better just turn on a little so it costs little and oh do two guys live here – I better turn on full force” – is that how it is? then I shouldnt have come here (to you) I should have gone to the boiler and asked it directly huh? guard says go ask the young lady yourself then. Jin argues do we have to wear this (the yellow banner) and the guard says if you do this well the cost will drop thousands. The guard tries to flirt with some ajumma who doesn’t want his attention and he thinks this is the push and pull of love people are talking about these days. Jin doesnt want to stand on the crate but the guard says people can see you better. Jin is embarrassed to be doing this, but he starts the chant in a low voice and tells Dong not to film him but Dong does it anyway. D looks over and sees the cute guy back home. She is saying it’s not time for him to come home from work yet. He came to get some paperwork he left behind. he boiled some water for a drink and left it on and left cuz he got distracted by his phone call. The dog’s bed is right next to the boiling pot. The dog is in danger of being burned so she runs out to save it. right before she left the boiling pot fell over onto the dog dong wants to stop cuz it’s cold but the guard says thousands (of won) is on the line. The guard sees #402 running out and marks on his list that #402 is present. dong asks if she is #402 so he takes note of her face. The cute guy is about to leave and asks them to move aside so D tries to go over to him but dong blocks her path and says – I live next door and didnt get to say a proper hello – i am the type that is direct. he tries to ask how she saves on utilities – do you have a special “know how you use – please let me know what that is” so she says I will write it down for you and takes off after the car. She takes a cab and follows the cute guy and tries to get his attention. She tries to tell him about the dog. She follows him after he parks and walks away. she tries to get his attention but cant bring herself to touch his shoulder. She stops walking and yells the dog got hurt. Suddenly there is a guy in front of her smiling S is singing and E claps. She asks if he knows what it means to memorize that. why arent you surprised. He says for a year I missed you every day. She hits him on the head and says I missed you all the time too. be quiet and it’s time for the kids to come so you should hurry and leave. E: I am going to become the cupid. if I shoot the arrow in the wrong direction the situation will get complicated so I am going to ask and aim correctly. for your love to go to Han T. The man says her eyes look deep cuz of her long eyelashes. Why did you come out dressed so cold. (they start to have two different conversations starting from here. she is talking about the cute guy and he is trying to solicit her to buy coupang so he asks should we go and talk). D: it was fall – the last time I came out of my home was in the fall Flashback starts. D says The first time I met that man was in the fall.(the man says you must have fallen for him at first sight) D: I didn’t believe in falling in love at first sight (till then). She saw her cute neighbor that day. He got his dog that day. D: it felt like a love that was short term passed by and we were saying goodbye forever. The guy texts about how much coupangs he can sell to her. She keeps talking and says it would have been good if it ended there. if it all ended with that one day. the guy says to get it all out of her system. D: Fall sky – fall park -fall puppy – to every word in the world, I wanted to add the word “fall” to it after meeting that person. She drank alone and opened up a package. It’s binoculars. She stares at things in her home and says I can see clearly. She happened to aim it across the way and she saw her cute neighbor. D: I thought it was fate. The guy says everything is fate. So let’s hurry and go. She suddenly snaps out of it and yells “the dog” and gets up. he stops another woman and says the same line about having deep eyes E asks is your love Han TJ? S doesn’t look at him. He says you were shot by cupid’s arrow huh? why do you look so serious - looking sincere doesnt suit you. what is that. She says sorry. E: let’s eat dinner tm. You wanted to eat enrique’s spaghetti. Come to Han TJ’s home. I will be going. He gets up to leave and pretends to be ok but you can tell he isnt Guard tells everyone to come out tm too. Jin asks how much longer they have to do this. guard says till the compensation is paid. Dong tells Jin you did well today but Jin says you do it next time (and be the leader and start the chant) cuz I will never do this again. Jin sees D running past and stops walking. Dong tells him – what are you doing – hurry and go in cuz it’s cold. arent you going? Then Dong spots E getting out of a cab. Why is he here. E heads inside. inside the elevator D calls 911 and says i think a dog got hurt but the owner is not home. She gives the address for the cute guy. She talks to the dog through the door and asks are you ok blackie? please answer me- are you ok? you werent hurt? she cries. E is leaning next to her doing the same thing and asks what are you doing ajumma. She runs off dong complains why is fate playing with us. enrique moved into the place in front of us.should I put this on the internet. Jin asks if that was really E cuz he was a total kid. dong says yes it was – he is young. Dong gives him background info on E. how he was famous at the age of 11. Jin stalls and pretends to be going through the mail but keeping an eye out for D to come. dong gets on the elevator and asks what are you doing – waiting for someone? hurry it’s cold – let’s go. D agrees cuz he notes that D is coming over. Jin waited till the last minute so they can catch the elevator together. Dong tells her to get in but she doesn’t. in the elevator Dong says that Jin should have made her get on but Jin says you should have pushed the door open button for her. She wouldn’t have gotten on anyway cuz of her personality As she walks down the hall she hears footsteps behind her. she gets startled by the guard. He says how she is always startled every time she sees him. He tells her to come out more cuz it was good to see her outside. he mentions how he thought she had attended but went somewhere else. she asks about the penalty so he says dont think of it. you have to save it. tm you are going to be the leader so you must come out. D: yes Jin is looking for nail clippers and telling dong to put things where they belong. but dong is staring across the way looking for E saying I think I can find him. Jin says how will you see him (from here). dong comments on a woman’s legs so Jin says dont you know this is illegal to spy on someone. dong says i saw wrong. (he used a slang word about how a woman’s face and body doesnt match – like she looks like a dog but her body is great) so Jin pulls him away from the window by the ears. D is cold and puts on a coat. She looks out the window for the dog. She sees E there. she wonders who are you. E looks out the window so she hides E says the building (across the way) looks really old -it is so close. if I talk bet they could hear me. it’s closer than when you look at a person. She tries to spy on him again but he looks right then so she looks away. They keep doing that over and over. He is on to someone watching him but he just doesn’t know who yet. he pretends to be doing something and looks really quickly so she falls down trying to hide quickly At night she is taking out the trash and piling some boxes up when Jin comes out to take out the trash and sees her. he just keeps watching her Back in her room, D types about unrequited love/one sided love. Even though I walked into one sided love on my own –it’s a love you cant find an exit for and get lost. I started it but that person who doesnt know anything - if he leaves one day- that love will end. The flower wont get to blossom even once. a love I cant forget. this is unrequited love/one sided love. The cute neighbor D spies on TJ comes home and sees E pretending to sleep. E gets up and hugs him. E calls him hyung (they are cousins). TJ says it’s been a year. I kept telling you to come but you didnt – it’s so good that you came. E: you are so glad to see me – I am moved. I am grateful – so that’s why… E goes over and says change the tv. I cant watch soccer on this. This is a computer not a tv. let’s get a great tv while we are at it. Since your cute dongsang came cant you do that much. TJ says it hasnt been long since I bought that. E: or will you buy me a car. E turned into a human puppy and gets all cute and affectionate but TJ says no. while you live here change your (life) style. E doesn’t look happy like his battery ran out. TJ says let’s start by cleaning this up. When D wakes up and opens her curtains there is a guy outside the window smiling at her so she closes it again. The guy is W and he is moving in. he smiles at her so she closes the curtains. she looks down at her unflattering outfit and gets upset. The movers sent him and the box he is holding to the wrong apartment so W corrects them. the moving guy says it’s dangerous to ride on this – do you have to hold this and get on – what is this? W holds up his box to show the picture drawn on it Dong slept on the couch and wakes up and sees Jin still drawing and asks did you work all night. He complains about the moving truck noise as he goes to the bathroom and spots the note on the door and wonders what it is. W unpacks. D looks out the window and sees that the dog is safe. As she watches TJ going into the bathroom she spots E looking right at her. he is wearing a panda hat and is shirtless wearing shorts. he looks stern. he makes the motion “I see you” so she quickly closes the curtain. E says this was the feeling I had last night. You’ve been caught fourth floor second home. She keeps saying what to do. He marches over to her place wearing a jacket on top Jin looks at the note D left on his door. W practices speaking in Korean – hello I am W. I just moved in. let’s get along and be close. he is about to pass out pastries as small house warming presents E gets to her door and says it’s #402. he rings the bell. W heads over there. Jin goes to his door and opens it. D is on the other side of her door in a panic. End Preview: E keeps banging and kicking her door yelling – if you are like this I could report you to the police. The other neighbors all look out their doors at the commotion. E tells the guard – starting from last night till this morning she was spying Jin tells D (still inside her home) “You don’t have to come out I will handle this. got that? ” E takes position and sits right in her line of view to stare at her and says this is fun. living in korea wont be boring. Jin explains about D’s behavior “it’s cuz #402 is nice. she is translucent” Dong asks if Jin thinks he has her figured out - what #402 – the girl spying on guys is like on the inside. E sees D on the street and asks “Ajumma cant you talk.” D replies muttering in a low voice: I am not an ajumma I am in my 20s. her friend spots D so D cries and starts to say to E “could you…and then she faints in E’s arms. fuente: youtube fuente:
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