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Real Name: Alexander Kim
Stage Name: Alex or Enzo
Position in the Group: Rapper, Dancer
Date of Birth: September 7, 1990
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Blood Type: N/A (Couldn't find it)
Height: 176 cm - 5'9
Weight: 56 kg - 123.4 lbs - 8.8 stone
Hobbies: Painting, Tennis, and Basketball
Favorite Foods: Sushi, Pasta, and Pizza
Languages: Korean and English

Social Media

I couldn't find any persoanl social media, but the links to the groups official social media can be found on their main K-Pop Artist of the Month card >>here<<
(check out his skills ^^ seriously I would probably drop the ball and break my foot XD)
Thank you for reading this card :) I hope you will give High4 LOTS of love and support, as they are very underrated!!!
You can find more info on the group >>here<<
If you wish you can also follow and like the K-Pop Artist of the Month collection >>here<<
Credit to the owners of these photos, gifs, and of the information ^^
I do not own any of the presented photos, gifs, or information :)
@StephanieDuong I'm glad someone else thinks so ^^
Alex is awesome. :)
I'll give them as much love and support as I can ;) <3
Another group for me to get into! Thanks @MattK95. lol
I really high4! I done know all the member yet though so thanks