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cute then -> handsome now.
also Big Bang VIPS we're getting closer. we need more tastes, more fb shares, more tweets, and more "makes". help spread the word to make it possible. for those who are still spreading the word, thank you. keep up the good work. Also I apologize for not posting and keeping you updated. My summer biology class has kept me busy. (two more weeks to go)
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it's kind of funny how T.O P and Taeyang are the only ones not smiling.
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They look all adorable!!
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@kpoploves agreed, they all look adorable.
2 years ago·Reply
I guess puberty hit them with a big Bang!
2 years ago·Reply
@AsianInvasion97 yes indeed, a very big bang. which they are fantastic baby. And there BAE BAE pictures are just adorable.
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