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Hey guys! This is the cover for my new manga "A Maid Story," which will be released at Waku Waku NYC in August. Check out my DA for more info:
Manga preview image:
@goyo My main inspirations are Peach-Pit, Moto Hagio, Ema Toyama and Kaoru Mori. And thank you! ^^
@keikoKup can I ask which other mangas your drew inspiration from? if any... the artwork looks awesome!
@hikaymm cool! I always wanted to work at a maid cafe, haha. It's cool how my character is like one of the girls you knew! ^^ and thanks! @allischaaff Shoujo manga is manga aimed toward women/girls, so yes this can be considered one :) no offense at all! Shoujo manga is one of my main influences ^^
@KeikoKup Definitely do!!! I think my sister would really love to hear about it too, she's a big big fan of manga, especially shoujo manga. Actually, would this count as one of those? I'm not super clear on what that term actually means... (also if that's somehow insulting please don't be offended!!! I'm kind of new to the whole manga world hahaha)
Strangely enough I was in a convention based maid cafe for a few years and your main character's description reminds me of one of the other girls' characters!! Cool idea. I'll look for it in August ^^
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