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Click on the link below ^_^ #6 is my favorite fact, which one is yours? (credit to Koreaboo)
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1. I play sax too V!!! 2. will now try to go find debut stage...
Don't worry Jin, I promise not to take your beloved toys away! And poor V, not being recognized by an important person for a whole year!!! And if Jungkook opens up a duck restaurant, I will totally be eating their... Or if he becomes a tattoo artist? Well let's just say I do 't care what my parents think.
@KDramaKPop1015 Hahaha, I've been dying to get a tattoo as soon as I turn 18 so I guess I can volunteer to be his first customer ^_^
@saphirepanda Awesome!!! and I will too. But I wonder if it was aired if not then probably it was edited or camera didn't capture it. Only he knew about it lol