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I have this really bad habit of staying up too late. Like 5 in the morning or later, late. Ugh. I swear I have zero priorities.
I knew I had to be up this morning. And still I stayed up cause.. what's sleep? Who needs that? Sleep is for the weak!! .... until I wake up tired and want more sleep.
Buuuuuut my friend is gonna drop off their baby (like a month old!) for me to watch, so I need to get up and look presentable and get this house in order! Cause BABY!! she's so cute!! Coffee. I'm gonna go make coffee. I have a recipe for a frozen coffee Nutella drink and it's amazing. Ima go make that. And put YouTube on the TV so I'll actually clean. Lmao!
@KatieWarren, oh no I'm sorry!! And the baby was here for only an hour or so :'( she slept the ENTIRE TIME!! It was great. My 4 year old was sad that she had to go. I get her back tomorrow I think. Hahahaha
I feel you, because I didn't go to sleep until 7 am. I couldn't sleep at all and I just binge watched a bunch of Got7 related things. Good luck with the adorable baby though ^~^
@ErinGregory @RochelleDiamond I'm to much of a night person, its bad haha, but I had a monster and should make it XD
I never sleep I stay up until the next morning and feel like a zombie all day 馃槱
@VixenViVi, I don't like energy drinks 馃槄 so I'm stuck with coffee drinks lol I remembered that my blender needs cleaned so I still haven't made my frozen drink. Oh well, I'll do it once I make my way to cleaning the kitchen. xD
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