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If you haven’t heard already, Big Bang isfinally back. Immediately following the release of their emo “Loser” MV, the group released the 19+ innuendo-fest that is “Bae Bae.”
There is one word to sum up “Bae Bae”: sex. From the song to the MV, it’s all about sex.
There is no great, deep underlying message to “Bae Bae.” The song is simply about the feelings associated with love and lust at the age of 25, and the wish to never age. Initially, the choice of 25 was the age those working on the song (Teddy, G-Dragon and T.O.P) thought women were the most beautiful. But, they altered it to mean just general feelings at that age. After all, they wouldn’t want to offend their largest fanbase: women...