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Amber noted that each individual is different and everyone should respect that. She states that everyone should try to love and help one another and ends it with, "Love life, work hard, and chase your dreams. Thank you again."
Amber is AWESOME and no one should tell her otherwise. She is my TOP FEMALE bias of ALL TIME. And she shouldn't even have had to write this message to her haters. She is such an inspiration and seems like such a sweet and genuine person. People, go hate somewhere else because Amber is beautifully amazing.
@StephanieDoung I could not agree more! The first thing I thought after reading that was "Wow. She shouldn't have had to say that but I'm glad she did!"
Gotta love Amber
this is one of many reasons Amber is one of my bias and I look up to her a lot honestly. she may only be a year or 2 older than me, but she's really admirable <3
@SkullBunneh Exactly! And instead of hiding from all the negatvity from these haters, she confronted them head first. I wish I had even an ounce of confidence and inspiration that she has! She's seriously a role model. :)
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