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It's been out for a few months now but it's not mentioned often, so incase you missed it, here is the info!
The song is sooooooo catchy, it gets stuck in my head allllll the time!
Let me just say, this group knows and understands fanservice
They reallllly get fanservice and ...ummm .... what was I talking about?
Oh yeah other than the hot bods, the dancing is great, they also use a large group of back up dancers as well
They also have a cool black light part cause... why not!
Oh how'd that get here... oh well better leave it >.<
With out further adoooooooo HERE is the video, watch, listen, enjoy, be dead!
Bonus! Dance version and Lets dance episode!
Look at these cuties! Are you a Unicorn?

Tell me what you think! Did you like it?!

@saphirepanda Its addictive XD
loved this I watched it so many times and died just omg yasssss
@KpopKrazed Here to help <3
Thanks, can't believe I missed it.
i absolutley love the song and heard it two days after it came out! it's the song that brought my attention to UNIQ