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In case you guys didn't know...
BIGBANG who has been releasing new songs on the 1 of every month in their “MADE” series will release August’s new songs on the 5 of the month. “E”, the last album of “MADE” series, will be released on August 5. YG’s official blog has also posted a teaser image of GD The image shows the back of G-DRAGON and T.O.P who will perform as a unit team for the first time in five years. BIGBANG has been releasing a single of their comeback series from May on the 1 of every month. However, for this August, the date is the 5 of the month. The reason behind that is because BIGBANG is now out of Korea for their world tour and August 1 is Saturday. YG Entertainment explains, “Every new release of ‘MADE’ series has been live-broadcasted for countdown with fans. However, August 1 is Saturday and the members will be doing world tour at that time. So we inevitably changed the date.” So, the reason behind the changed date is because BIGBANG members wanted to count-down the new release with fans.
I'm ok with this
Can't wait for the GDxTOP song!