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Ok! So thus is my first post in the KPOP GROUP AND VINGLE ITSELF!!! OMG!!! My G-BABY IS TURNING 4! And she has asked for an AWESOME BIRTHDAYS PARTY!!! Her words EXACTLY !!! "Mimi! I WANTS UHH BIGBANG BERFDAY POLLY! And i wants a TAEHYANG CAKE WITH A BIGBANG PIÑATA AND I WANTS A G-DAGON (-- her word) tayboo Clops! And a TOP HAT WIT a Seungri poons and Daesung pates and DUH BUGBANG CUPS AND BOWS!!! HAPPY BERFDAY BANDER BIGBANG STYLE!" Uhhhh HOW DO I LET HER KNOW THEY DONT MAKE THOSE HERE IN THE STATES! MUCH LESS IN LOUISVILLE KY! Any advice as to how i can get these!!!
You could just DIY most of it. there's a pinata tutorial in DIY community
THANKS GUYS THIS REALLY HELPS! I have a fee local companies here in Louisville that i can get most of the things from! And @KatieWarren THE HAT!!! THANKS!!! THIS LITTLE HAS US UP AT 5 AM eastern time screaming "GEHLUP I HAVEZ TO PACKTICE!!" And then its bigbang all day! HER LULLUBY IS ONE OF THEIR SONGS! BANG BANG BANG!!! Oh Gorsh Im Going Grey JUST THINKING ABOUT WHAT ALL IM GOING TO HAVE TO DO!!! I love you ALL THANKS!!! Some problems are solvable! But Taehyang Actually coming! O.o AHHH!! LOL !!! Thanks EVERYONE!
You could always ask for a portrait cake from a local place where they make cakes and take a picture of Taeyang when you make the order. As for the piñata, you could take a normal one and just hot glue a picture of big bang on there? Also, an idea for the TOP hat would be to get a normal party hat and hot glue his picture on there. I don't think the silverware could happen nor the table cloth but I'm sure she'd be happy with the cake and the other items. I hope it comes as help or provides some ideas. Good luck!
Look for some customization sites to order from. Sometimes you can find some good stuff on eBay or Amazon. Once I found some Shinee balloons. They probably have something like that for Big Bang too. I know one or two customization sites of you are interested. I can tell that you are raising that child awesomely.
If you're having trouble with DIY ideas, or you just want to order it and call it done- try Etsy.com.