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they still wont leave him alone :( omg like LEAVE HIM ALONE LET HIM LIVE HIS LIFE!!! I just cant....
netizens comments... [+224 / 0] Even if I was SM, I wouldn’t just sit and watch hahahahahaha They literally wasted SM’s time by betraying them after making them who they they are today hahahahaahaha I really wonder what the members were to them haha [ +183 / -4] SM didn’t just do it without reason but because TAO used the Black Pearl BGM hahahaha Freaking loser hahaha Writing his lyrics that way than using SM’s past BGM? haha [ +173 / 0] He claims he wasted his time as EXO one love = The lyrics are disgusting...
All of you are having a difficult time, angry and even frustrated right? We will give you all warm hugs and comfort you through this, so please just always trust us, watch good things and speak good things from now on. You all remember what i said before right? I promise that you will only get to love at ease from now on :) ~ Chanyeol 
i dont like EXO.... never have.... i only liked Kris and Tao lol and now that there gone.... i can careless.. but dont ACT like you care when you dont! Tao was your friend and you turned your back on him, i dont want a f**king hug i want you to grow some ball....
Haha I saw this one comment saying tht SM is acting like the bitter ex girlfriend and it's kind of true
This is so sad, I mean Tao is his own person and he should be able to express his feelings. SM is crazy for trying to stop Tao in his tracks just because he left EXO. Yes, I'm sad he left but he should be able to debut without SM intervening
they mad cause his m/v got more hits then exo in the first day.... im so mad
Turns out SM doesn't like being burned, smh
My thoughts too