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"Hold up, don’t look back.Whatever you’ve achieved, whatever you’re lost, it’s all just the past. It’s fine to fall behind, the only thing you’re up against is yourself in the past, and the person you see in the mirror. Even if people point and stare just close your eyes ,know that they’re all just shadows jealous of your light. Hold onto the hand next to you, tell all the temptations you’ve gotta go. I’m still lacking so much,I don’t even know myself yet. If I give up like this I’ll have even less confidence in myself. The more I search will it be coming closer to me? My tired, blurred form, all that time ,I will walk on my own path like those steps will remember it all for me. I know well how little time I have left to stop, so I open my eyes, and like it’s a new beginning"… Beautiful song Beautiful, powerful, strong, positive , encouraging, deep ,heart touching and true lyrics. I love love love this song and I completely love how meaningful thoughtful hopeful beautiful these lyrics are. I love how lyrics are about someone trying to find themselves, and to never give up keep faith , believe , it doesn't matter how hard it get starts each day as a new beginning. As we all are trying to find ourselves to find our paths in life tyring to fight the fate harsh struggles I believe this is the song we all can relate to. I hope you all can check out this song and appreciate it as well because I think this song is just beautiful @poojas , @PassTheSuga, @MattK95, @jiggzy19, @kpopndkimchi , @KattieWarren sorry but I think you guys should definitely checkout and listen this song by infinite if you haven't already. Let me know what you guys think sorry if I wrote a long description lol I just kept writing because I love this song. alot.
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Loved the song! Thank you so much for tagging me ^^ The lyrics are beautiful!