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People shouldn't be judged by how the look and dress. It saddens me when people are treated badly because of others own bias and judgement. I feel bad for idols especially sometimes because if they get mistreated or bullied like this the can't always defend them selves they way they want because of how it could make them look! I love Amber because of the fact that she acts and dresses differently than your average girl! She's funny and cool and I honestly wouldn't mind having a friend like her around. This is part of the reason I love T.O.P so much too, he just doesn't care, he'll treat you as you treat him lol
I totally agree! So much judgement. If everyone all looked the same the world would be so boring!
@JonesyonMars I KNOW RIGHT!!! WOW!!! BUT I WILL DEFEND ANYONE! And i mean A-N-Y-1 when it comes to their being Who They CHOOSE to be and how they wish to Live! #OmmaLove #FIGHTING!!!
@dreemer13 that got scary fast πŸ˜‚ but I agree πŸ‘Œ FIGHTING!
Hello. I am just an Omma in this KPOP world! So i would not expect anything different than my daughters doing their best! Omma can i make my shirt like so in so's "sure baby" Omma can we go to S Korea?!!! Sure babies just save your money! I mean your best is all i can i ask for! And as a KPOP fan! I WILL CLAW ANYONES EYES OUT WHO TRIES SLANDER OR BESMIRCH A LN HONEST Name! I will stand by WHOMEVER AS OMMA!!! #FIGHTING!!!!