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Netizens have been get on my ever lasting nerve with their hate and put downs. But now they just went too far.... BIGBANG has been one of the many groups with many controversies that caused waves not only in Korea but internationally. From alleged inappropriate performances, marijuana usage, scandals, alleged inappropriate videos and car accidents, BIGBANG is sometimes seen as a group doing inappropriate things by non-VIPs
if they dont like big bang because the crazy stuff they do, then that okay..... Big Bang AND VIPs dont like them either.... How the whole thing started... Is It Only Me That Can’t Understand??”  “I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fan of other groups but the fandom I truly can’t understand are VIPs. Even just the latest T.O.P’s posts on Instagram (T.O.P’s pig butt hole posts), I really got disgusted you know? Just think if it was one of those girl groups receiving a lot of hate these days like KARA or Girl’s Day? Just imagine if they posted it. Woah, I peed like once or twice just imagining that. I know that there are VIPs in this community as well but in all seriousness, why do you guys like BIGBANG???????????”
netizens comments.... [+486 / -57] What makes these people (VIPs) funny is that they treat people criticizing BIGBANG for the faults that they have committed hahaha They always just think whatever BIGBANG does is hot and hip-hop [ +474 / -58] They get shielded by fans even if they do drugs or cause an accident speeding. They successfully made their image through program “Infinite Challenge” [ +435 / -56] It makes me throw up like a pig’s butthole when they don’t even get scorned for crimes they commit but they get shielded instead. Even if you rescued a country in your previous life, you don’t deserve this much shielding for whatever you do.
they can say whatever they want Big Bang will still be on T.O.P and #1 lol and i bet their bias has a big bang bias, so its all good.... How do you guys feel about this?
I honestly block haters out
Okay 1: it's TOPS instagram. If they don't want to see what TOP puts on his instagram, STOP FOLLOWING HIM. It's seriously that easy. If they follow him then they have absolutely NO excuse and no reason to complain since THEY ARE THE ONES FOLLOWING HIM. Just because he's an idol doesn't mean he can't have fun on his own social media sites. Netizens drive me insane with things like that. It's none of their business what their idols post, who their idols date, etc. It's not their lives, they don't get to pretend that it's up to them to run those lives.
They can hate all they want but BigBang will continue doing there thing. Cause VIPs and BigBang Don't Give No F**KS what the haters think we will continue supporting BigBang through thick and thin that's what true fans do!. #VIP
Aren't they fans too?? like c'mon man.. leave your opinions (if they're bad) at home and don't let them out the front door. 😧
I believe Bigbang will continue to get hate because they are so successful and are a group said to last for as long as they can. they have sold out concerts, their cd's are selling, they know they can do well even if Bigbang disbands, it's scary to all the other fandoms because Bigbang/V.I.P's are powerful. Other fandoms/kpop groups only wish for Bigbang success, whereas Bigbang doesn't have to wish, they make it happen. and people who get offended from Tabi's posts, don't understand him. We don't call him Bingu TOP for nothin' xD @JazzyPie
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