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Lovely sisters..
Jessica is smiling while Kystal is looking at her.. So sweet...I really like this two sis...
Oh you like girl's generation hehe am i right?
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@minyk2002...wohoooo~ How do you that!! kekeke...yes..I am...kekeke...you're right..thumbs up..keke
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@syairah12 hehe i wonder that U live in korea? how could you know these info about korea??
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opss..typing error there..I miss the *know* there...How do you know that!! lol... @minyk2002...ohooo..I really want to live in Korea...that's my dream..keke,..I love the foods and the places there really gorgeous..kekeke..well, I am a big fan of K-pop and Korea..lol...I'm always read the news and know the latest update..lol..^_^
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