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괜찮아요 – Gwen Chan Ah Yo. The reason why I’m saying that it can be “i’m ok” or “it’s Ok” is that there is no subject in this phrase. So basically, it means “OK”. For an informal way of this is 괜찮아 Gwen Chan Ah without “요 Yo” in the end. So Let’s practice! If a stranger steps on your foot, the person would say “I’m sorry. Me Ahn He Yo” Then, you can say “괜찮아요 Gwen Chan Ah Yo“. In a conversation : A: 미안해요 Mee Ahn He Yo. (I’m sorry.) B: 괜찮아요 Gwen Chan Ah Yo. (I’m Ok/ It’ Ok.)   Summary I’m Ok/ It’s Ok – 괜찮아요  Gwen Chan Ah Yo. To your friends or people younger than you: I’m OK/It’s Ok – 괜찮아 Gwen Chan Ah.
I adore Lee Hongki (both as an actor and as a musician). Thanks for this!
I LOVED when he said this Modern Farmer. SOOO FUNNY. xD
I didn't know this was so important in my life until right now.
drama: Modern Farmer actor: Lee Hongki