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Smh they only criticize because they can't and maybe will never understand why a VIP is so loyal. We understand these boys better than an non VIP would so is it not normal for us to defend them? We aren't blind, we just see the things you can't. ✌️ VIP FOR LIFE ✌️
It's not 'blindingly shielding' it's called understanding that they are human and humans make mistakes and they also have their own opinions. The thing that I love about bigbang is that they dont pretend to not be human. They made a few mistakes yeah but any of that could to any if us on the daily basis. V.I.P s are just mature enough to accept the fact they are not perfect. Of course we scold 9ur babies when they do wrong but when they are truly sorry and apologize we can't just keep holding it against because we are too human and we should understand. All because TOP post weird shit on his insta doesn't mean that he is doing something actually wrong. It is his SMS and he have the right to put up anything he want. It is just what type person. tabi is. Gd drug incident .... I didnt approve but it made me laugh because where im from it is not a big deal but knowing Korea and there zero tolerance for drugs he shoulda known better not to take a smoke from a stranger. Daesung. ... now this is ridiculous. The poor baby been suffering from depression because of that accident. Now to call him a murderer and shaming him because of a trivial accident that could happen to anyone is bogus. They have fought through a lot and done a lot for us V.I.P s . The small mistakes they made will not erase all the good they have done. Netz honestly make me question if they are really human because the things they say about others sickens me. I believe this Fandom has grown along side bigbang long enough to know and understand who they are and who they will be in the future. I will honestly say Yg fandoms are more mature than most fans out there because they gave us them in the beginning so we understand till the end. That is what a fan is. All fans protect their Fandom and group because that is what we do . So to sit and critique one Fandom for doing something a simple as to being there for them is BS and im done. F this F Netz F this whole industry Im out cause this just whole ass passed me off. im sorry for the cursing but still. No
YESS! The truth has been spoken :D VIPs are awesome <3
They have good intentions and not everyone sees that and they are funny they may not make good choices but we know better. Btw it's their social media accounts they can post whatever they want so don't follow them if you don't like what they post. And they're human they have feelings and they make mistakes we all make mistakes so don't judge! I'm going to be loyal til the end! BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!😘
I find it funny how people think Tabi post weird "disturbing" stuff. They don't understand Bingu TOP xD omo the netizens need to lay off V.I.P's, cause we won't back down just cause they say something bad to us. V.I.P for life!! HWAITING!! <3
we're not 'blindly' doing anything. They repented and asked for forgiveness and we accepted. what's so hard about that? 😦 #netizensneedalife
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