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1. Mr. Simple by Super Junior 2. I was watching a Latino music show and by pure coincidence, K-Pop became my destiny. XD 3. SNSD Tiffany 4. Super Junior Lee Donghae 5. Super Junior, became a huge fan that I only wanted to listen to them for straight 8 months until SHINee came in to my life. If it wasn't for SHINee, then I wouldn't know 3/4 of the groups I do now lol 6. I started learning Gee, but learned the full choreo for Super Junior's Sexy, Free & Single 7. 100% 8. I probably watched some reality shows before that I do not remember, but I recall EXO Showtime the most. 9. I don't know?!?!? What type of question is this seriously?!?!? Like it was hard to say 100% as my favorite group now cuz there are sooo many!! 10. First K-Pop thing I purchased was Jung Yonghwa's first solo album, One Fine Day. 11. I was more reserved. I didn't get in to K-Pop Fandom like officially until my Sophomore year and that's when I was going through a lot of emotional stress and depression. 12. I made international friends that helped me open up more and eventually, now I'm a chatterbox lol. I'm not afraid to speak at any time and I thank K-Pop for giving me a chance to meet extraordinary people! I love you all! Thanks @JazzyPie for making me try this, now I would like @poojas @kpopandkimchi @StephanieDuong @jiggzy19 to try this. Anyone can do it! Tag anyone you'd like ^_^
1. SHOCK - B2ST 2. Surfing through youtube/TV (korean) 3. Amber-f(x) 4. Yoseob - B2ST 5. B2ST/f(x) 6. SHOCK - B2ST 7. BTS 8. Weekly idol 9. EXO 10. Notebook 11. Boring 12. It's AWESOME KKEPSONG~
1. Mr. Simple by Super Junior 2. Throw a high school friend who loved anime as much as I'd did and introduce it to me dying an anime fest. 3. Tiffany from Girls Gen. 4. Taemin from Shinee 5. Super Junior 6. Shinee's Lucifer 7. BIG BANG 8. nope never seen one (is ashamed lol) 9. TVXQ 10. EXO-K' Overdose Album hard cover CD (came with a poster) 11. Pretty dull . . . I'm remember listing to American music and thinking there's gotta be something better 12. I feel more alive than it was before! Kpop opened a whole new world for me to discover!
I'm a Loner - CNBlue KDrama- You're Beautiful Sunny - SNSD Daesung - Big Bang Big Bang Fantastic Baby Shinhwa Running Man Super Junior Shin Hyesung's box album - Winter Poetry Boring/Less Music & laughter Open to more kinds of music & cultures
@KDramaKPop1015 And it's also a waste of many changing it too. I've been knowing what career I wanna do ever since I was little
@KpopGaby Yeah, I'm going to see where my interests take me. I still have a year or so to confirm what I'm applying to study in college. Even then I can change my mind later on, but it doesn't sound fun changing studying courses in college.
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