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1. Mr. Simple by Super Junior 2. I was watching a Latino music show and by pure coincidence, K-Pop became my destiny. XD 3. SNSD Tiffany 4. Super Junior Lee Donghae 5. Super Junior, became a huge fan that I only wanted to listen to them for straight 8 months until SHINee came in to my life. If it wasn't for SHINee, then I wouldn't know 3/4 of the groups I do now lol 6. I started learning Gee, but learned the full choreo for Super Junior's Sexy, Free & Single 7. 100% 8. I probably watched some reality shows before that I do not remember, but I recall EXO Showtime the most. 9. I don't know?!?!? What type of question is this seriously?!?!? Like it was hard to say 100% as my favorite group now cuz there are sooo many!! 10. First K-Pop thing I purchased was Jung Yonghwa's first solo album, One Fine Day. 11. I was more reserved. I didn't get in to K-Pop Fandom like officially until my Sophomore year and that's when I was going through a lot of emotional stress and depression. 12. I made international friends that helped me open up more and eventually, now I'm a chatterbox lol. I'm not afraid to speak at any time and I thank K-Pop for giving me a chance to meet extraordinary people! I love you all! Thanks @JazzyPie for making me try this, now I would like @poojas @kpopandkimchi @StephanieDuong @jiggzy19 to try this. Anyone can do it! Tag anyone you'd like ^_^
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1. SHOCK - B2ST 2. Surfing through youtube/TV (korean) 3. Amber-f(x) 4. Yoseob - B2ST 5. B2ST/f(x) 6. SHOCK - B2ST 7. BTS 8. Weekly idol 9. EXO 10. Notebook 11. Boring 12. It's AWESOME KKEPSONG~
@KDramaKPop1015 And it's also a waste of many changing it too. I've been knowing what career I wanna do ever since I was little
I'm a Loner - CNBlue KDrama- You're Beautiful Sunny - SNSD Daesung - Big Bang Big Bang Fantastic Baby Shinhwa Running Man Super Junior Shin Hyesung's box album - Winter Poetry Boring/Less Music & laughter Open to more kinds of music & cultures
@KpopGaby That's nice. If only my mind could decide. As a child I wanted to be a famous singer, but I don't want all the publicity...
@KDramaKPop1015 Ah, I see. But you can do something music related