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The giveaway that everyone's talking about. So many members, including myself, joined Vingle with the hopes of winning tickets for BigBang's MADE tour in America. We get one month to enter the top 20 rising members list. Personally, I entered the battle ring a week late, and then I was camping with no internet for an additional week mid-July. I'm not close to being in the top 20, and there's only one week left, and that really discouraged me. I want the tickets more than I want anything else. But so do many of you guys as well. I've seen some members completely stressed out and frustrated over their rank. This was supposed to be a fun way to increase activity on the kpop community, so stop stressing out so much! Just remember that if you don't get to go this specific tour, you will definitely see BigBang eventually! Don't be so discouraged because this is NOT the only chance to see them live. Still, good luck to all of you and don't give up. Even if I'm far away from the top, I'm for sure still trying!
Amen. I'm with you on wanting the tickets and joining late. Most of us are probably going to be discouraged after this contest ends, but that should just be the push to ask for another tour in America.
Hope you win! Thanks for encouraging us!!
I'm so stressing about the contest, I want to win so bad and I'm trying. I'm ranked numbered 170
talk about late!!! it would be a miracle if i won, i literally only hear about the contest like 5 days ago... but since i joined Vingle i've felt so much more happier because i've met so many people that share the same interests as me. even though it's through the internet i still feel like we are all connected. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and to whoever wins, have a blast at the concerts.
Yeah your right. The pressure is on for this contest, I won't even look at my rank (seriously I haven't looked I'm scared) but that is no reason to give up, and truthfully once you start posting constantly it becomes so fun that you forget about the whole contest thing. Good luck to you @zmusicloverz and everyone else competing FIGHTING~ ✊
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