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(○●○Important Question At The End○●○) Story Time About How This Question Originated: I got this G-Dragon ring and ive been wearing it since I got it (2 months ago)
And today my cousin (shes 7) came up to me and was like "Oh you got married" And then looked at my ring (I was wearing it around my neck) "G-Dragon??...... You didnt even invite me to the wedding!?!?!" At that point I just thought to myself "Well I wasnt invited either" lol
Moral of the story get a ring with your biases name on it and people will think that you guys got married :P
Question:Who's your Bias and if they proposed to you how would you react? ? (They dont have to be in Big Bang)
I laughed so hard at the,"Well, I wasn't invited either." I feel that on a personal level.
Cry, I would cry probably every day off life. Tears of joy because I would just be so happy but possibly even tears of slight regret because I would have married the moron
I just ask my sister she is 6 what will she do if g dragon proposed to her( she likes g dragon) and she said she would kiss him!! And I'm over here like if that happen I would stop the wedding because GD is mine lol
But technically we are married *in my head*
Top....oh and I have his ring :-) I think I would cry and be happy.
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