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I sent my friend MVs of BTS since I told her how she'd like the messages of the songs. She loved No More Dream and screenshotted Jungkook (the photo above) cuz she found him sexy. HAHAHA! Jungkook be getting Non-KPoppers nuts XD She's one of those people who don't mind watching K-Pop MVs but don't officially become fans -_- Need to work harder!
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@KpopGaby I wish you the. Eat of luck of recruiting her!!! And yes, Jongkook is amazing. Why shouldn't he be stopping non-kpoppers?
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@KdramaKPop1015 Thanks! And true, he is and I think I've seen a lot on their MV comments about newbies asking who Jungkook is. It's impressive!
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@KpopGaby He sure knows how to make girls take a second look. And I meant 'I wish you the best of luck...' Sorry about that. Stupid autocorrect.
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