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Saw this challange from @KpopGaby and @Jazzypie and wanted to give it a try wanted to give it a try. Here goes: 1. Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon 2. Tbh I was looking for study music b/c classical isn't my thing and I kept on getting distracted with the English lyrics. I watched Kdramas at the time so I thought Korean songs would be good to help me study....I ended up addicted and now kpop is one of my main distractions ^.^ 3. Amber from f(x) 4. Lee Joon from MBLAQ 5. MBLAQ /SPICA 6. I can't dance to save my life.... 7. VIXX 8. MBLAQ's Art of Seduction 9. Big Bang 10.I eagerly await the day I will have enough money to buy Kpop merch 11. Smaller and somewhat lackluster 12. It has made me more open and expressive. Like I would never have been able to do posts like these before. Kpop has also made me more motivated because I see all these idols that work so hard for their dreams and it makes me want to do the same. It has also made me feel more comfortable being "weird" and different. My fashion sense has also changed because I wear more colorful stuff now :) @KatieWarren @ErinGregory @RochelleDiamond @Vixenvivi @AsianInvasion97 @momo14e @TMinusEleven would like you guys to try this :)
Just made mine ^_^ also I HOPE YOU WILL GET YOUR FIRST MERCH SOON! You will never forget it!
@VixenViVi glad you loved it:) It's been years since I have heard the song but I always remember it b/c it's the song that made curious about Kpop :3
Oh cool ^^ I'll make mine soon and I'm happy that it was such a positive influence on you! <3 I just listened to punishment for the first time yesterday and loved it
@lamrotamrot Awesome!! We're on the same page on the last one ^_^
Oh awesome I'll do this in a few minutes when I'm no longer babysitting 馃挅馃挒
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