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1. GD - Crayon 2. A friend showed me GD and I was hooked. My reaction: "ohmygod this guy's face is perfect I goTTA HAVE HIM" 3. CL ♡ 4. Tao.. 5. EXO 6. CL - The baddest female 7. BTS or GOT7 8. Exo Showtime! ♡ back when I used to confuse Suho for Kai.. I actually got into exo because I saw baekyeol somewhere and I was like "aw they're so cute let's check them out" and I only knew baek and channie in the beginning, and I even mixed THEM up.. anyway moving on... 9. 2NE1 and Bigbang. They're what got me into kpop, they're like legends ♡ 10. I only bought one thing because I'm broke as shit and spend my money on cosmetics. The 2NE1 jersey that the girls wear occasionally :) 11. I was kinda fading from my anime obsession and needed something to distract myself from life, and I think kpop filled that hole ( ´ ▽ ` ) 12. It broadened my view on the world I think. It's good to know what goes on elsewhere in the world and not stay stuck in a small bubble of familiar races and food. I'm not big on tagging, so you've been tagged! (this is my second card like this today, so sorry ^^")