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if anyone could help I would truly appreciate it. there is the Asian drama that I am trying to find that I started watching years ago, however I stopped before I had a chance to finish. I believe the drama was a kdrama, but I'm not entirely sure. the synopsis was basically about a father who happens to be a multimillionaire but was also a player so therefore he happen to get multiple women pregnant who birthed him sons. in total I think you had about 12 sons but I'm not entirely sure. one day he had his sons meet with one another in order to decide if he will give them his inheritance. he gave them a book full of rules to follow and told him that they have a listen to these rules while living with in his house with one another, they also had to attend the same high school. I only watched up to about the second episode so I don't know what really goes on but all of the brothers were different from one another. there is a brother who like riding motorcycles there's a brother who likes playing instruments, one who was into sports etc etcetera. if someone knows the drama that I'm talking about please tell me. I've searched many things on Google and have yet to find it still. thank you
Sounds good, I'll see I can find it.
Check out the Taiwanese and Japanese dramas as well. Sounds somewhat like an anime I once saw but not exactly the same. I hope you find it. I had a similar situation and eventually found what I was looking for on VIKI. It turned out to be a Chinese Drama.