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I was tagged by @lamrotamrot sooo here it is! 1. Everybody by SHINee 2. I went oh who is that pretty asian man, and looked up Choi Minho and lost my soul... 3. Amber <3 llama love for ever 4. Choi Minho >.< UB going strong 5. SHINee/Red Velvet 6. I cant dance but I watched SHINees lets dance and learned some of Why so serious. 7.hmmmm I wonder >.> SHINee owns my life if you can't tell 8. I know I watched random clips on youtube of diffent shows but Runningman was the first one I looked for to watch. 9. FTisland, BTS, Big Bang, History, EXO, F(x), Red Velvet, Got7 and I'm sure this list will grow XD OH and Jang Keun Suk since A.N.jell from You're Beautiful was the first kpop music to get me interested even if it wasn't a real group <3 10. SHINee seasons greeting 2015 and a SHINee merch pack with a shirt, stationary, fan (i even got minho!), and everybody era post its. I screamed when the box showed up and it had hangul on it XD 11. Well not to diffrent I just had other fandoms like Harry potter and such but I had toned down a lot with everything. I dont even know what I did with my time honestly. 12. It got me passionite about something. I loved it I have not stopped since the day I started. I only listen to kpop, only want to watch korean tv, and I spend the left over time trying to study the language (but kdrop is distracting XD) I already dressed like the male idols tend to haha I try am happy to make so many new friends who care about it as much as I do! I love you guys! hmmmmm I'll tag @kpopchicken @JennyRodriguez @SHINee808 @KpopKrazed Give it a go guys <3
@ErinGregory I might have a problem XD
Hahahahahaha I get the feeling you like SHINee ;-) :-P
I really Amber. She's fun and confident. "Lost my soul" is a very accurate description of what the Kpop fandom has done to me lol, and you right it feels great to have something you are passionate about :3
@zellie15 Yayay ㅋㅋㅋ Thanks ^^
Your answer for #12 is exactly me!! I loved this.
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