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I challege the Vingle Fam to: Post your favorite picture/gif of your fav ship and explain its appeal!
My ship: Todae I find this ship most attractive and exciting because of their discrepancy between their image and their true character.
Top seems charismatic, sexy, serious and cold
when in reality, he has this adorable, hilarious bingu side♡♡♡
mean while Daesung is seen to be the friendly, funny, cute and innocent
but the truth is, he is SEXY AF his nickname in japan is Yabai Kang. which means Dangerous Kang. THATS RIGHT HIS HOTNESS IS A DANGER TO FAN GIRLS
They seem like they are the opposite of each other, but actually, they have a lot in common. Also, Todae have said themselves that they are closest with each other among the members.
They act comfortably around each other and they always somehow has sexual tension. Even when Top treats Daesung like he is a child or a puppy. These are the reasons I find them the best ship.
So accept the challenge and tell us why your ship is your favorite! Don't forget to tag me @shjej5835 so i can see beautiful men xD This challenge was made in honor of @poojas card about k-pop ships ofc i cant forget to tag our amazing moderator/supporters so they can participate as well @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19
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This is an awesome idea! I promise I'll get to it after I make the cards for all the ships that people asked for in the K-pop ships card! :)