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Whenever someone really wants to showcase his/her talent on The Voice, The X Factor, or some other singing show, the go-to song is ALWAYS Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing."
And that is the perfect song to go to, if you can, that is. It's a hard song to live up to, and one person after the next keeps outdoing one another, and each one goes beyond the charts.
Like Tamera Foster. She was absolutely phenomenal when she auditioned, and this version made the most impression on me even though she forgot the lyrics at first due to nervousness. If you want to skip the initial blank out, go to 4:00. Later on, she sang another version in which her voice was more controlled and equally impressive, but I thought her audition showed her talent more. And this brings me to the title of the post..... Ailee.

Ailee is just amazing.

There's no other way to put it, she's amazing. Freaking amazing. She sang "I Have Nothing" in a KBS concert, and she killed it. She. Killed. It.
Her version of this song really really amazed me. She had everything down, she made the song her own, and she even had that growl in her voice at the end. This performance was beyond amazing (am I repeating myself too much?). I really hope she gets even more successful than she is now, Ailee really deserves it.
Wow, She's just simply amazing!!♡
OMG I love ailee and this just made me love her even more