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yeah ths gonn my Tattooo, well and othrs one too.. i do just BIGBABG CUZ I REALLY LOVE IT. AND THS IS WAS PART OF MY LIFE AND ALSO HOW MUCH I LOVE THM..
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@patoramirez9798 I say you go with plain black so you don't get sick of it later. even when you age
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okk okkk well welll i thnk i go with black. but i have a lot of time soo.. but then theres come more tatto's. thanks guys πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ @AsianInvasion97 @shjej5835
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@patoramiez this is wat im getting next month
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Www Cooool @DanieTate plis upload a pic. once u get thm.πŸ‘
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@patoramirez sure will
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