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Know someone that's getting into hiking, but they only have the boots and the passion? Have a holiday coming up? Well, these are some things that I think would make great gifts for them! Got any other ideas for good gifts? Share in the comments!

Hiking poles

"Luxury" hiking socks

Gift card to the local outdoors store

Local maps/guidebooks

A water filter

A sit pad!

A wide-brimmed hat

Annual pass to local parks

Good luck finding the perfect gift!
@nicolejb Glad I could help! @jeff4122 Socks are a necessity. ANd the annual pass could be good depending on what are you're in
Socks are such an underrated item... it's a great gift. Also love the annual pass idea...
My brother is super into hiking and his birthday is coming up! Last time I got him something, it was hiking socks actually! haha and he LOVED it. I think that sit pad is a great idea! I might do that this year.