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Who doesn't want to drink healthy while drinking alcohol! don't worry mom I'm drinking blueberry juice! anyway I love this blueberry recipe definitely one of my favorite ones , whether you just want to have a relaxing time or your girls come over. Just drink it while watching some Netflix what you will need- ♡ 1 1/2 ounce of ultimat vodka ♡ 1/2 ounce of patron cintroge orange liqueur ♡ 2 ounces of fresh blueberry juice ♡ 1 ounce of mango juice ♡ extra blueberries (optional) 1. pour the ingridiengs into a cocktail shaker filled with ice *except the extra blueberries you will need them for something else* 2. shake it, shake it, shake what your momma gave you! just playing but for real shake it good lol 3. strain it into a chilled cocktail glass 4. then with the extra buleberries garnish the cocktail screw them into a cocktail pick like the picture toake it look gorgeous ;) well thats it and enjoy loves. ♡ so sorry for not posting this earlier I hunged out with friends and went to the movies I saw southpaw omg that movies was awesome♡ hope you love your drink ;)
@marshalledgar Thanks hun , I love shot nights too just hanging out with friends and having a good time @allischaaff im glad it made you laugh♡ I was actually laughing when I was typing it lol . Thanks doll :)
Ahaha I love "shake what your momma gave you" lol. That made me laugh. Cool cocktail!
looks delicious. last night was a shots night. fun
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